Building a digital workplace solution


In reviewing feedback from their annual employee communications survey and facing an unprecedented level of forecasted growth, MyoKardia recognized the need to reimagine its limited employee intranet. MyoKardia engaged Waterhouse Brands (Waterhouse) to strategize and strengthen its current platform into a valued digital hub.

How We Helped

Waterhouse collaborated with MyoKardia Corporate Communications to identify functional and technical requirements for strengthening the intranet platform. As part of the build stage, Waterhouse developed a platform sub-brand, “MyoSphere”, a homepage hub that serves as the new default employee web page, and beta department pages as proof of concept before rolling out pages across the organization. Our launch editorial strategy included a “Welcome to MyoSphere” post by the company CEO, profiles of new employees, and a video walk-through of the company’s new corporate headquarters.


Less than one week after posting the video walk-through of the company’s new corporate headquarters, almost 70% of employees already viewed the video.

“We started with a long list of what we knew the organization wanted and deserved but lacked the know-how to bring that vision to life. Waterhouse saved the day in guiding us from concept to launch, as well as solving for how to keep our new space vibrant with a steady stream of fresh content, and MyoSphere is exceeding our organization’s expectations.”

Michelle Corral, Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

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