Redesigning a global corporate brand


Faced with inconsistent usage of Cerus’ brand across the company’s international markets, Cerus engaged Waterhouse Brands (Waterhouse) to update its corporate look and roll out a scalable visual system that could be used to drive brand consistency and unify the company’s corporate image.


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How We Helped

Waterhouse tackled Cerus’ challenge by starting with a comprehensive brand audit, identifying points of divergence and convergence across geographies and answering the question: “How can we be different than others in our category?” With the results in hand, Waterhouse created a new visual identity that projected the image of a global leader and trusted partner for safe and accessible blood. 

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Waterhouse built a visual identity framework to surround the new logo that provides prescriptive guidance to internal marketers and agency partners around all design aspects to ensure a consistent global look. The details were summarized by Waterhouse in a 50-page brand book that serves as a resource to guide usage of the Cerus brand.

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“Reflecting on the launch of our new corporate brand, I wanted to thank Waterhouse Brands for creating a new look, feel, and narrative for Cerus that reflects our journey to-date and our future goals. I really love the new logo and materials and believe the whole company feels the same way.”

Obi Greenman, President and CEO, Cerus

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