Defining a New Category for Women

ExploraMed medical technology incubator was preparing to launch a new company and product that addressed a sensitive issue for women— changes in sexual desire and arousal. They were clear they wanted the brands to normalize women’s sexual concerns (typically part of life stages such as post-partum or menopause) in order to create a new category around women’s sexual health and wellness. Our solution, while at W2O Group, focused on creating two brands that were science-based and research-backed yet approachable and spoke to the needs of real, everyday women. Our team completed market analysis, brand positioning and supported the naming of both the corporate (Nuelle) and product brand (Fiera) as well as the development of distinct yet complementary identities. We also oversaw the activation of both brands into digital, packaging, collateral and trade show experience. Nearly two years after launch, Fiera is working in tandem with OB/GYNs to support women and their relationships and expanding its reach around the world through an acquisition of Nuelle by Aytu BioScience in mid-2017.

Our Role

  • Naming
  • Brand Positioning
  • Identity System Development
  • Creative Campaign Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Print and Trade Show Experience Development

“Kim, Meredith and their team truly understood the challenges associated with establishing a new category and brand and immersed themselves in the mindset of Nuelle’s target audience to create two inspiring brands, Nuelle and Fiera. Their commitment to understanding the true needs of our consumer and positioning our company and brands with a compassionate yet aspirational tone and story impressed me; it was obvious that this was more than just
“a job” to them – this was a passion project.”

Karen Long, Former President & CEO, Nuelle, Inc.