Building a Sustainable Corporate Brand

Veteran biotech company Gilead Sciences created a corporate brand that has stood the test of time and has become an international symbol for its advanced work in antiviral medicines. In 2000, the company made the bold leap to unify its then recently merged, multi-national workforce under a new, global brand mission and new corporate identity. Working from the inside out, we engaged Gilead’s US and European employees in the process of shaping a consensus view of the company’s future opportunities. We developed a cultural foundation that enabled this high-performing organization to scale with a shared purpose, a set of guiding principles and a redesigned corporate identity that we applied to all brand touchpoints. Our brand strategy, design and activation efforts included positioning the company’s science, domain expertise and leadership in commercializing novel antiviral drug therapies through a comprehensive multi-national brand launch and corporate communications effort to build awareness of Gilead’s new global brand around momentum-building milestones. Fast-forward nearly two decades. The Gilead corporate brand has helped propel numerous product launches, pipeline development and M&A activities, all fueling market cap growth to more than $100B.

Our Role

  • Brand Positioning
  • Corporate Identity System
  • Culture-Building
  • Brand Launch
  • Corporate Communications Strategy
  • Website Development