About Cerus

Blood products leader, Cerus, engaged Waterhouse Brands to update its corporate brand to support the company’s global corporate and product brand efforts. This included aligning its look and feel into a cohesive, scalable visual identity system and amplifying its brand with updated messaging that better reflects Cerus’ impact on global transfusion medicine.
Client: Cerus
Industry: Biotechnology
Employees: 240
Founded: 1991

New Corporate Narrative

We expanded Cerus’ corporate story beyond the INTERCEPT Blood System to reflect the larger collective cause of safeguarding and supplying blood worldwide, resulting in the company’s new tagline Blood Matters.. By identifying the why behind the company’s efforts, we were able to take Cerus beyond the function of its products to an inspirational and aspirational higher purpose that resonates with internal and external audiences.

Logo and Business System

Waterhouse Brands created a new, modern logo with wordmark and iconic symbol that represents the company’s commitment to a safe and secure blood supply. The bright red drop is symbolic of blood – the heart of Cerus’ business and the pathogen reduction process the company provides with its gold standard technology. Waterhouse Brands updated the company’s business system, including its letterhead, business cards, and PowerPoint template.

Old Logo

New Logo

Visual Identity System and Collateral Templates

With regionally-based marketing teams across the globe, Cerus needed a prescriptive framework to ensure materials were cohesive and consistent. Waterhouse Brands created a visual identity system to ensure consistency across all marketing materials, including guidance on typography, photography, color, and a visual grid system of which all materials will be created. Waterhouse Brands also designed a new corporate booth experience and built a series of collateral templates, including brochures and data sheets, for corporate marketers to use as the basis for materials, easing their transition into using the new brand.

Brand Book and Training

To ensure proper usage and consistency of the new Cerus look and feel, Waterhouse Brands provided Cerus with nearly 50 pages of guidance in a comprehensive brand book, covering specifics on using the new messaging and visual identity system. Waterhouse Brands partnered with Cerus to do a brand training for global brand marketers to aid worldwide compliance.

Product and Corporate Website Reskins

To accomplish Cerus’ goal of launching the new corporate brand quickly across their multiple web properties, Waterhouse Brands applied UX and design thinking to reskin the company’s existing corporate and product sites, while conducting a comprehensive web property audit to inform a complete redesign to a later date. The reskinned corporate and product websites now have one clear branded look and feel.

Old Website

New Website

Internal Launch Planning and Support

Waterhouse Brands supported Cerus in using the launch of the new brand to inspire and educate employees around the initiative. We developed a comprehensive internal and external launch strategy and plan that took into account Cerus’ global audiences and activation across all brand channels. We created an executive launch presentation that presented the “why” behind the new corporate brand and wrote, shot, and edited a culture video featuring 10 employees to bring the company’s new tagline “Blood Matters” to life for Cerus’ global workforce. We also created posters and an installation for the company’s lobby video wall that showcased the new tenets of the rebrand.

Our Impact

Cerus successfully launched the new brand to its employee base and externally to all audiences on June 3rd, 2019.

Our Role

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Brand Positioning and Messaging
  • Corporate Identity System
  • Mission and Values
  • Internal/External Brand Launch Planning and Activation
  • Website Design and Development
  • Digital Workplace Strategy and Implementation

“Reflecting on the launch of our new corporate brand, I wanted to thank Waterhouse Brands for creating a new look, feel, and narrative for Cerus that reflects our journey to-date and our future goals. I really love the new logo and materials and believe the whole company feels the same way.”

Obi Greenman, President and CEO, Cerus