Is it time to rebrand?
5 Questions that led Waterhouse Brands to do just that

Companies often ask us: When is the right time to rebrand? What catalysts come into play? What would a change do to any existing brand equity? We believe that inflection points – times when the fundamentals of a business are about to change whether through merger, acquisition, a leadership transition, or strategic shifts that signal new opportunity ahead – all constitute good reasons to evaluate what your brand stands for and represents in the eyes of stakeholders. If your current look and feel doesn’t reflect your long-term desired image, or if you simply want a new brand and it’s early enough in your business life cycle to not draw penalty points, then a brand refresh can make good sense. Reflecting on our own beliefs and advice we’d give to our clients led to our decision to rebrand our firm.

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, Waterhouse Brands launched our new identity and revamped website that brings our mission – helping healthcare innovators stand up and stand out for new generations of impact-driven stakeholders – to life. Our story is one of seizing opportunity, owning our competitive advantage, and being bold enough to put a stake in the ground as we navigate our own inflection point. In short, we recognized that our sweet spot is building brands powered by the people who live them.


Here’s the back story.

Over the past three years since launching Waterhouse Brands, we have morphed our business model, built our team, and pushed the boundaries of our service offering at every opportunity. We’ve evolved from a boutique corporate branding firm to a full-fledged corporate and employer branding firm that leans in on employee experience, content, and corporate communications. These core practice areas are enabling us to forge cross-functional partnerships between HR and Corporate Communications to address today’s most pressing business challenges, including:

  • Attracting and retaining talent in a hyper-competitive biotech jobs market;
  • Shaping diverse, equitable, and inclusive corporate cultures; and
  • Building company reputation among a rapidly changing population of employees, investors, and partners that expect more from corporate America.

To address these challenges, we want to help HR folks think like marketers in developing values-based people practices and to support Corporate Communications folks in aligning and integrating their corporate brand, employer brand, and communications strategies to showcase impact. With these mandates in mind, we’ve created a one-stop shop where life sciences CEOs, Human Resources, and Corporate Communications professionals can access a full suite of strategy, design, digital, community-building, multi-media content, and HR programming services.

We aren’t your average agency. Our collective corporate, agency, and consulting expertise has shaped our pragmatic view of how to get things done efficiently to deliver maximum ROI. We follow the data, partner for success with others in our ecosystem, and raise the bar at every opportunity. While our approach is holistic, our goal is singular: do what it takes to help companies become recognized as an employer, partner, and investment of choice.

So that’s our story. What’s yours?

And if you’re still not 100% sure it’s the right time to rebrand your business, here are 5 questions that might help:

  1. Has your business shifted gears strategically in a way that is fundamentally different from where you started?
  2. Does your brand reflect your desired image, i.e. is your current look and feel too similar to your competitors, too corporate, or fill-in-the blank?
  3. Is there a new leader or team advocating for change?
  4. Does your brand reflect a strong ethos and point of view that speaks to a multi-generational workforce?
  5. Is it early enough in your company life cycle to make a change without impacting mindshare or market share?

If you answered these questions yet still aren’t convinced about whether or not your brand needs a tune up or change up, we can help. Or if you want to learn more about how Waterhouse can work with you to build your company reputation by amplifying the impact of every story, voice, and connection, send us a message. We welcome your questions.

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